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About ILoveFuFu

The Idea

I❤️FuFu is a fashion and lifestyle brand; FUnctional FUn. 

The inception of this brand came from The Fufu  an incredibly  interesting personality whose story is yet to be told....the love of life, and all things class, fun, free will and no forethought of grief, ALL things positive.  Fufu is a five star, business brand with an aura of fun, full of life and freedom of spirit.
Fufu aspires and strives “to make you feel important because you are”,  to make you distinct at any place you may be and to provoke a personal notification anywhere, everywhere.
Our mandate in the regard includes our very own Wine brands, premium beer brands, fufu condoms that will without a doubt trigger a “misfire”  Antiques and collectibles, Trending eyewear, hand bracelets, fufu timepieces, and a vast array of merchandises
We abhor the rules of life as our philosophy suggests. 

Forget brooding about what is wrong but embrace the good side of life . 


Our Philosophy

fufu hates: middle class, hypocrisy, politeness, political correctness, brands, classical sex, business class travelers, respect of time and place, business suits with ties, german society rules! 

fufu loves: humor, sex, un classical specially get old with style, stay kinky, fuck the rules, long hair on men's head, sport, alcohol, being late, not being where one's supposed to be, offensive language, a lot of money (to spend), swinging, singing (it's long way to tipperary)!